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starburst_nikelmeranda-s-painted-furniture-online-91To the very left is the piece I was inspired by, and the right is the piece I faux painted.  I started it off using a flat cream-white paint.  I dry brushed on an ivory.  (In retrospect, I don't know why I did that, because it didn't make any difference when -at the end I stained the dresser.  Suppose you wanted a dresser with more of a white/black contrast, this step would give you even more depth to your furniture piece.)  In the following pictures you will see the brown paint I have used to create the lines in the paint.  I cannot recall the exact paint color, but a comparable color is Behr's Olympic Bronze.  Next, you will see a series of pictures that show the dresser in a striped finish.  What I used to create the lines was a soft window washer brush.  These brushes are often used to wash windows at your local gas station.  I took the rubber part and cut rectangular indents, so that when you wipe off the paint you get stripes.  Be careful NOT to add a lot of paint.  A good tip is to add glaze, as you do not want your piece to have bumps in the final finish.   Next, comes the hand painting.  I used an overhead projector to paint the zebra stripes.  I painfully cut out my own small striped stencil in the past, but there is no way you can stencil a shape this big.  I suggest buying or renting an overhead projector for a finish like this.  At this point you can either stain it, or (glaze it with a brown glaze to antique it- to get the picture to the left), or stain it with polyshades walnut stain, or bombay stain, depending on the look you are after. 

Check out the pictures.... 

















meranda-s-painted-furniture-online-16Painted Dresser

By Mernada

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