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If you are anything like me, your not the greatest free hand artist.  I love the look of perfection on a painted furniture, but certainly cannot attain the look with my own talent.  Having a hand painted detailed piece of furniture is an exquisite find, and you can create this look without any special talent, or investing the time to become a great free hand artist.  How can you have that professional painted furniture piece without spending thousands or having it look amateur? 

It is called tracing paper my friends.  Detailed hand sketching and  painting is quite a bit easier when you can copy an image that is perfectly proportionate.  Using tracing paper and a simple pencil, your images can look quite stunning as these several thousand dollar chests.  All these chests pictured in this post are quite a bit of money, because they were most likely done by hand by exceptional artists.  For you and I, they serve as inspiration to what we could create with some exceptional images and a bit of imagination.  All that is needed from you is time (yes lots of time) and patience to copy detailed images. 

Graphite TRANSFER PAPER-Tracing-Sketch-DrawingEXCEL Burnisher with 4 assorted tips 

Depending on the style, your first step is to paint the overall background color on to your painted piece. 

{It is always important to lightly sand your furniture piece before painting.  The last thing you want is to finish a detailed pattern, and have your paint peel}

Consider using a flat finish as your base paint, as it is very easily accepting of drawn images on the surface than semigloss, or eggshell.  The finish is just like paper, so it will be much easier to use as a canvas with liquid pens.  Once you have drawn your image on to your furniture piece, use a colored pen to go over the traced images.  From there, follow your inspiration pattern for color filling and additional colors.

18th Century Italian Polychrome Bureau with Original Paint Seller Nick Brock Antiques

Illuminated Initials in Full Color 548 Designs Perfect For Painting Ideas

Illuminated Initials in Full Color: 548 Designs  features an archive of extraordinarily beautiful and decorative letters of the alphabet splendidly ornamented with geometric and curvilinear motifs interwoven with royal and saintly figures, mythical creatures, knights in battle, exquisite florals and much more. A wonderful glimpse of the ancient art of manuscript illumination.

Hand Painted French Chest

World Ornament Exceptional Images For Painters And Artists

Early 19th Century French slant top painted desk Louis XV style By Jacqueline Adams

The world of Ornament David Batterham

The The World of Ornament brings together the two greatest encyclopedias of collections.   Illuminated manuscripts, textiles, ceramics and a wide range of designs are there to inspire you to design beautiful hand painted furniture.  The ornamental designs encompass a wide range classic Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Asian, European, Etruscan and medieval motifs as well as many designs through the 19th century.  The price is well worth the investiment as it also includes a DVD-ROM containing high-resolution scans of all individual ornaments for unrestricted use.

Treasury of Floral Designs and Initials for Artists and Craftspeople

The Treasury of Floral Designs and Initials for Artists and Craftspeopleis an  archive of over 700 wonderful graceful and imaginative designs featuring flowers, leaves, and vines in delicate interlacements. You can get this book for as little as 4dollars. 

Hand Painted Italian Lacco Povera Commode Furniture Seller John Yaconetti Antiques

Italian Painted Commode Seller John Yaconetti Antiques

Fantastic Ornament 110 Designs and Motifs

Fantastic Ornament: 110 Designs and Motifs , include cartouches, frames, doors, trophies, cabinets, friezes for textiles and wallpaper, decorative scutcheons, stone balustrades, arabesques, roof cornices, and much more.

Painted Drop Front Desk Seller Fireside Antiques

French Architectural Ornament From Versailles Fontainebleau and Other Palaces

French Architectural Ornament:  features designs from floor to ceiling, and spanning grand facades, supremely rich ornament and detail envelops the enduring landmarks of France.

Hand Painted Italian Painted Commode Seller Bremermann Designs

French Baroque Ornament ~ Painted Furniture Inspiration

French Baroque Ornament (Dover Pictorial Archive Series) 

Baroque Period Painted Chest of Drawers Seller Carl Moore Antiques

LOUIS XVI Style Painted Commode with Marble Top Seller The Antique Artisan Center

 3,000 Decorative Patterns of the Ancient World, Plants and Flowers: 1761 Illustrations for Artists , Chinese Flora and Fauna Designs

4000 Animal, Bird and Fish Motifs A Sourcebook

 Decorative Flower and Leaf Designs, 4000 Animal, Bird and Fish Motifs: A Sourcebook

Painted Slant Front Desk Seller Tyler Galleries

Italian Painted Commode Seller John Yaconetti Antiques

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