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I’ve already posted all the pictures of his special day on Facebook, but I wanted to give the “background” on how we pulled off the party, so other Mama’s out there could use it, if ya want! :-)


First, the decorations were pretty simple.  I just used his books, and jars  filled with confetti to display some of the cartoons.  I found the pics online (Google Images) and printed them.  Then I taped them to chopsticks so they would stand up in the jars.  I was going to use them as centerpieces, but ended up using them on the mantle instead.


The cake (I had a wonderful friend from church make it) made the ultimate centerpiece for the dining room table.


I created a “work station” for the kids as they came in.  Printed out some extra cartoon pages and questionnaires from Jacob’s Do-It-Yourself book, and had them work on their own cartoons, and tell a little about themselves for one of the games we played.


We played some great games that I found at this resource; the Cheese Touch Game, and the Secret Word Game.  But the big hit of the party was “Pin the Ice cream on the Cone”.  I freehanded a picture like the one on the cover of Dog Days, and simply used a sticky note pad to “stick” the ice cream on the cone.  The boys LOVED it!


The other ‘hit of the party’ was Cheese Touch Tag.  I cut out a picture of a piece of cheese and “laminiated” it using packing tape, and attached it to a piece of ribbon. The kids took turns  being “it” by wearing the cheese around their necks and playing tag.  Very simple.  Very fun!!

In place of goodie-bags, I bought up a bunch of Mead notebooks on the “Back to School” clearance aisle, and some pencils.  Emilee created bookmarks on cardstock that said “Thank you for coming to my Wimpy Kid Party” and we attached them to each, giving every child their own “Diary”.


I think the “piece de resistance” of the day was our own homemade “moldy cheese”.  I took a piece of real Swiss cheese and “decorated” it with green and brown markers.  We strategically placed it on the walkway out front to be avoided by all the party-goers as they entered  and exited the party.



The kids all had a ball, and Jacob was very pleased.  He said, “Mama, I think this may have been the best birthday party ever!”.  Priceless!!

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