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This is a stand alone Maran mantra to kill enemies.Maran means to kill. This is a secret Aghori [fearsome]Mantra from the Rudrayamala Tantra.These are essentially Protection Mantra and have to be used for protection purposes only; when there is no other option left.

 The procedure for the use of this mantra is –
In the period of Ashlesha Nakshatra [Alpha Hydrae constellation] make a nail from the bone of a snake.
Taking this bone in your hand you have to chant this mantra 7 times all the while remembering the name of your enemy.
Then bury this bone in the residence of your enemy.

Om shurshure swaha ll
ॐ शुरशुरे स्वाहा ll

Please note – this is given for information and educational purposes only. I do not advocate the use of these methods

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