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Radhanath Swami speaks on sincere chanting

Radhanath Swami ChantingSrila Prabhupada said,” 99% of our advancement will depend on our chanting”. Yet, I see, that in my own life, the priority which I need to be giving to good chanting is lacking. Yes, chanting can be done anytime, any circumstances and so on and so forth…But what about the quality of chanting during those times… Many of us wonder why after so many years after chanting, many anarthas seems to not inch even a little away from us. And we have also heard every problem is due to offensive chanting. And offensive chanting stems from inattention.

Once Srila Prabhupada was asked, “Prabhupad, what to do with the mind while chanting?”

Prabhupada Said,” Where is the question of mind when you are supposed to only hear while chanting”.

Here is a small audio clip from one of the lectures of H H Radhanath Swami as to what should be our consciousness while chanting the holy names of the Lord. This is a very short, crisp, power packed, inspirational vibrations of deep realizations from H H Radhanath Swami.


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