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Radhanath Swami clarifies Dhruva’s anger on the Yakshas

It would be intriguing to many that Dhruv Maharaj although a pure devotee became angry, felt insulted and he waged a terrible war with the yakshas since the yakshas killed his brother Uttama.

H H Radhanath Swami gives a deep insight into this. He says, ” In the Madhuvan, Dhruva already proved that he had already conquered and controlled all of the lower propensities of anger, lust, greed, pride. He was serving the Lord as king. And yukta vairagya means according to our particular service for the satisfaction of the Lord, we utilize these same propensities in His service. Hanuman was angry. There was no one more angry than Hanuman. But his anger was to fulfill the order of Rama. In fact, Arjuna was quite peaceful. He was quite brahminical and he was presenting sastric arguments why not to fight. And Krsna spoke the whole Gita to incite him to become angry because factually one cannot fight without being angry. But if it is done in service to the Lord, then that anger is pure transcendental anger. It is not a material quality. It is higher than sitting in a samadhi”.

Radhanath Swami on Dhruva's angerH H Radhanath Swami adds, “So, Dhruv maharaj as a king, it was his duty, that someone had murdered and he had to take the role of punishing the culprits. That is the duty of a king.  He wasn’t in the role of a brahman but a khsatriya. As a brahman he could have folded his hands and said this is all Krsna’s mercy and I forgive you. But a kshatriya must give justice where it is due. That is his service. When Arjuna wanted to be a brahman, Krsna told him it is better to do one’s duty imperfectly than to do others’ duty perfectly. You are a kshatriya and they have done injustice and you must punish them. So Dhruv Maharaj was acting as a perfect devotee by utilizing his anger in Krsna’s service. Therefore he was on a transcendental platform even in his anger because he was performing his duty as a kshatriya. and as the king he was the representative of God and because they resisted him and tried to destroy him – not just one but all of them, therefore it was his duty to punish all of them. And he was very successful. But he got so caught up in his service that Brahma and Kuvera had to come and tell him enough is enough. Even great advanced devotees – everyone is subordinate to the Lord and his devotees. Even Srila Prabhupada, he was such a great paramhamsa staying in Vrindavan but still Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur came in his dream and told him to take sannyasa. So even such great souls are ready to accept instructions from their superiors in perfect humility”.

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